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Pillar Point Surf School Job Opportunity

Pillar Point will be subcontracting Surf Instructors and assistants for spring and summer of 2020, starting March 1st.

If you know anyone looking for a summer job, please share this with them.

The sun, sand, and sea will be your workplace, and the hours are flexible. Email me at pillarpointsurfschool@gmail.com with your resume, photo, a paragraph on your qualification, and why you would be good for this job. If you do not know how to surf, do not apply. If you do not have an open schedule, do not apply. If you are always late, do not apply.

We are a licensed, permitted, and insured surf company looking for outgoing & active people who would like to earn great money during the spring and summer months.

$20 to $70 per hour, Paid weekly.

Part-time work/full-time work. March through September.

We only hire people with the following abilities & traits:

Job Requirements:

All these requirements will help you be a better instructor, increase your tips, create a team atmosphere. These are the minimum requirements to keep your job. I will remember and reward you for towing the line. More lessons, Bigger lessons, etc. Have a watch to keep up with your lesson time. If you are having trouble with clients’ beach lesson, ask me to help if I am available.

Must have at least 1 previous employment reference. Beneficial to live close to Half Moon Bay (but not Mandatory) and speak another language.

Those who stick around through the slower spring months will be given the larger lessons during summer as compensation. So you will make more money than the new hires. Must have a flexible schedule (many bookings are last minute).

You will be trained on the Pillar Point’s lesson plan and must be able to teach this plan. You will be trained. This is your trial period.

Surf instructor pays $20 per hour plus tips. Paid Weekly. You only get paid when you are doing lessons. Average $0 to $400 per day with tips. The harder you work, the more you make.

It is your responsibility to claim your income for tax purposes.